Help Me Share Reading!

My post today is going to be a quick one, but I hope you read it nonetheless.

The publishing company Harper Collins Canada is running a contest right now called the Share Reading Contest in which the prize is a “library” of books – 100 in total – for both the winner and the winner’s chosen charity. I don’t usually enter these things, but as a huge fan of reading, and a big proponent of spreading the love of reading whenever possible, I’ve decided to enter the contest.

Moreover, as an extra incentive, and to show I mean business, I’ve decided that if I win a prize then I will donate 50% of it to local libraries. Whether it’s the full grand prize, or one of the secondary prizes, I will gladly donate half of it in addition to the other portion designated for a charity of my choosing.

What I am asking from you today/tonight/this morning is to help me win the contest. I would absolutely love to be able to help kids and people in my community have access to more great books and thereby be able to foster a love of reading in them as well.

Now, how can you help? It’s pretty simple actually – the contest is based on voting for my entry page on Facebook, so the more votes I have the better my ranking. Just click on the link HERE or below and hit the ‘vote’ button. You can only vote once per day (I’m pretty sure), but you can definitely vote multiple times over the course of multiple days. Unfortunately, you have to have Facebook to vote, but if you don’t have it and still want to help out then just spread the message around amongst your friends who do have Facebook.

Please, it only takes one second to vote, and that second could bring dozens of new books to kids who would love to read them!

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who votes for me, and I really hope we can get these books out to all the people who want to read!

My entry page can be found here:


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2 responses to “Help Me Share Reading!

    • That’s okay, I appreciate the support nonetheless! If you know people with Facebook though, it would be great if you could get them to vote for me. :)

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