Well hello there!

As the tag line below the title at the top of the page implies, this blog is primarily intended as a personal exercise. Having just completed a Master’s degree, I am currently spending some time away from academia, yet I would nevertheless like to continue writing in order to maintain a certain level of proficiency.

After some initial, tentative efforts, however, I have realised my blogging cannot be completely irregular. Thus, while I have decided to keep the name and design of the blog, I pretty much blew up everything else and have instead refocused my energies on writing about things that really interest me – namely, Classics, archaeology, and academia.

I don’t intend for what I write to reach an audience of more than a handful of people, yet I would like to make this interesting for the people who actually do take the time to humour me. One thing, therefore, I would like to emphasize is that feedback is greatly encouraged. So, if an idea, question or comment comes to mind as you are reading, please don’t hesitate to let me know – either in the comments, by email (fraserreed2@gmail.com), or on Twitter (@FraserReed).

My update schedule will be mostly random, although I will try and post something at least once or twice a week.


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